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March 2012



Joy the Baker Cookbook Giveaway

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I met Joy the Baker last week!

Although I feel like we are friends (or could be), we’re not actually. I feel like I know her, from reading her blog, and listening to her podcasts. She doesn’t know me. That’s OK. It doesn’t mean that I can’t be inspired and encouraged by her. I am. I will continue to be.

I’m so thrilled that I met her! And, oh my gosh, she watched my cooking show!

The other day, I was thinking about how she “made it”. She has a cookbook, an awesome following on her blog, a podcast… so many wonderful things. I’m terribly happy for her. It’s exciting to see someone you admire do well. But, the thing I realized was that “making it” shouldn’t be compared to someone else. I’m sure Joy’s life is wonderful and lovely. I really believe that. But, I’m happy with my life. I don’t want hers. And, I don’t need to “make it” in the same way she has. My goal isn’t to be her. 🙂

I’m too often comparing myself to others… Why don’t I have 20,000 followers on my Facebook page, or 1,000 people reading my blog each day, or whatever my gripe of the moment is… But, the reality is that I’m me, and am on my own journey, which I’m missing out on by looking longingly at everyone else’s. If I have 64 people reading my blog each day, wow, that’s still 64 people. If they are all family and friends, wow, I’m so blessed to be loved by that many people. People who actually KNOW me and still want to read what I’m writing. I’m excited, encouraged, humbled by this revelation.

Back to the actual meeting of Joy the Baker…

Husband bought me Joy’s cookbook two weeks ago. The catch was, it wasn’t being released until the 28th. That was also the same day as her book signing at Vromans, in Pasadena. I really wanted to go. I really wanted my book to arrive so I could get it signed. It didn’t. And, Vromans was sold out of her books (yay for her, sucky for me)… In the end, at the last second, I was handed a book by an employee (we were in line for the signing, and I had only a spatula, grabbed at the last second from home, for her to sign). ONE more had been found! However, it meant buying another copy of a book I technically already owned. Insert frustrated sigh. Husband ran and bought it for me. I had a book. We were relieved. We proceeded to meet Joy; I gushed a lot, I told her she was like my Pioneer Woman (as in I look up to her the way I think she may to PW), I asked her to sign pretty much everything on the table. She graciously obliged. We took some photos, and then just like that, we were back in the car, headed home. The next day, my book arrived from Amazon. I emailed them and told them how disappointed I was. They refunded my money and said I could keep the book.

And then there were two.

So, now, mostly because she inspires me, a lot because I want you to make Browned Butter Blueberry Muffins (p18), Avocado Fries (p96), Cheddar Chive and Jalapeno Biscuits (p46), Giant Cinnamon Rolls with Buttermilk Glaze (p42), and in part because I have a second copy of her book (which I decided to give away as soon as I found out I’d have to buy another, whether I got a refund or not, it’s just that good)…

I’m giving away a copy of Joy the Baker’s cookbook, along with a signed bookmark!

To enter (please leave an additional comment below for each entry, and please note that you must enter on the blog post):

Like De Ma Cuisine on Facebook and post about this giveaway on your Facebook page, tagging De Ma Cuisine.

Follow De Ma Cuisine on Twitter and post about this giveaway tagging De Ma Cuisine.

Write a note about it on your blog, providing a link to my blog.

Do you need one more? You can tell Joy that she should like De Ma Cuisine on Facebook and Follow De Ma Cuisine on Twitter. Um, just kidding. Kinda… I’d be delighted if Joy the Baker followed De Ma Cuisine. Like really happy. But, whatev. 🙂

Contest closes Tuesday March 13th at noon (PST).

This contest is open to residents of the USA and Canada. Winner will be announced next week and will have three days to contact me with their mailing address to claim their prize.


Thank you to all who entered!! The contest is now closed. The winner is Gracie Hsieh Behrens!!! It was also announced on this week’s episode of A Cooking Show with Rachel O. 


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  2. Brooklynne Gladysz
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  4. Candicebegg
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  11. Alexa
  12. Pam
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