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October 2013



World Series Bound

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The Red Sox… Oh the Red Sox. They finished the season tied for the best record in baseball. Last year, they finished last in the American League East.

What a difference a year makes.

In 2007 we fell in love with the Red Sox when they went to the World Series. Not because of it. It was just a result of them being in the post season and us watching. We were without a team. We found a good one.

The 2012 season, in my mind, has pretty much been erased by the awesomeness of 2013. It’s been a great year to be a Red Sox fan.

They beat the Tampa Bay Rays.

They scraped and clawed their way past the Detroit Tigers.

Now they face the mighty St.Louis Cardinals. The Cards are the only team with a record as good as the Red Sox this season.

It should be an exciting series.

We’re gonna eat lots of yummy baseball food while we watch. We would love to be at Fenway Park, eating hot dogs and nachos and taking in the history of that stadium. But, tickets are holy moly expensive. So our TV will be just fine.

For tomorrow, I’m makin’ Nachos. They will have beef and beans, veggies and cheese, and lots of yogurt and salsa for dipping.

Let’s Go Red Sox!!

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