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September 2013



Postseason Baseball Food Ideas

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… To me.

Watching baseball is a favorite pastime in our home. We are addicted to Fenway, crazy about Boston, lovin’ our Red Sox.

We got married in October. We started our life together watching tons of postseason baseball. And every year we continue the tradition.

We are about to celebrate our 7th anniversary. This means another postseason.

I can’t wait.

It all begins this week. The Red Sox have already won their division. They’re in. They’re going to the playoffs. We thought about taking a trip to Boston if they make it to the World Series. And then we looked at the price of tickets. We will enjoy the games from our couch. Our bank account thanks us.

One important aspect of the postseason is the food. We can’t go to a ballgame without getting some sort of treat. There’s just something about a ballpark dog, soft serve ice cream, and something fun to drink. So we try to recreate it at home.

We have a few hot dogs in the freezer (no, not the $.99 kind that are filled with… I don’t want to know). We may just top them with some Braised Beans.



We will likely enjoy some Nachos.

I’m gonna try my hand at soft pretzels… which may need some sort of fun dip.

Italian “Date” Subs are a fun sandwhich. We could picnic on the floor while we watch the game.

Bacon and Egg Burgers are an indulgence. But October baseball only happens once a year.

Pizza is a Friday night staple in our home. We may go back to basics with classic pepperoni or ham and pineapple, or maybe we’ll get creative and have some Philly Cheesesteak Pizza again.

We have lots of zucchini in the fridge. Some might get roasted, some might get fried.

And, since it’s finally getting cold (ok, it’s not, but here’s to wishful thinking), we will most definitely be eating soup (Creamy Cauliflower perhaps) and maybe some Black Bean and Butternut Squash Chili.


We may sink into a food coma, coupled with slight depression when our baseball days are over. But, we’re going to Paris soon, so I think we’ll get over it. 😉

Let’s Go Red Sox!

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