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June 2012



It’s a Little Bit Random

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I don’t usually post on Thursdays, but I wrote down some thoughts today and figured here’s as good a place as any to share them…

I’m feeling rather introspective today. I spent the day at home. That’s not unusual, since I work from home. But it was a day full of no deadlines. No episode to film or edit, no posts that I had to write, no menu to plan. I kinda puttered around doing little bits of some of those things, and bits of others, just because I wanted to. I’m soaking up this easy-ish day because I know tomorrow’s gonna be busy. Menu planning, groceries, errands, blog posts, preparing for my 30th episode next week. The 30th episode coincides with taking a day off mid week, eeek! Wednesday is one of my busiest days (editing day) and I’m going to be BBQing and watching baseball with friends to celebrate the 4th of July. It’s fine, it should be fun, I’m excited about it… I just have to plan ahead. 🙂

I’ve been thinking about my work today. About my goals, desires, why I do what I do. Sometimes I wonder about who’s reading this blog? Am I inspiring anyone to eat well? Helping anyone to love to cook?

I ate soup for lunch (when I read my chicken scratch notes it looks like I wrote “I ate soap for lunch”), rather than the usual grilled cheese, or almonds and cheese (I found it, unlabeled, in the freezer – it kinda looked like soup, so I heated it up and added corn chips – it was, and it was good). I also did Pilates while I listened to Joy and Tracey podcast, which inspired me to try a scarf in my hair. When I was trying to take a photo of it, I sneezed, and that’s what the photo is of. It makes me laugh just thinking about it. Husband just got home and told me, “I saw your sneeze picture. You’re very weird.” I’ve also been thinking about blog conferences that I’d love to attend, cookbooks that I want to read, inspiring people I’d love to meet, family and friends who have supported me with kind comments on the show and the blog, and with guest posts.

I’ve been playing catch up. It’s now after 6pm (yikes, almost 7!) and I’m not quite caught up, but I’m a little bit closer. In case you need to do some catching up, yesterday I posted my 29th episode of A Cooking Show with Rachel O. I made a delicious meal of Roasted Turnips with Bacon, and Almond and Black Pepper Crusted Roast Pork. Oh yum!

Better go make dinner. On our menu for dinner: Salmon with Browned Butter, Crispy Potatoes, and Roasted Green Beans. Ready, set, go!


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