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September 2016



Times Change

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It has been a year of changes. I’m not ready to say that they’ve all been for the better. Not yet. But, I have hope that they will someday represent a time of growth and even encouragement.

Change can be confusing. I’ve felt lost through a lot of it. I’d thought one thing for so long, only to discover that it’s not a possibility anymore. Maybe it never was. Maybe it is, but looks different than I thought it would. It changes a person. It’s changed me… Is changing me.

Food, something that I’ve loved for so long, became more of a necessity than a joy for a while. It was thrown together instead of lovingly created. I get why people eat boxed meals and fast food. I was tired at the end of the day. I wanted to eat and relax a bit before going to sleep so I could do it all over again. It brought me a greater understanding of regular folks. It was a luxury, the way I got to cook before. I had a good thing going. I won’t pretend to understand why it ended. I still harbor a bit of frustration and bitterness about that. But there have been lessons learned and maybe someday the bitter will become sweet.

That was one thing that changed.

The rest, either I don’t need to go into detail about, or I’m not ready to. At least not on here. Since it’s been like six months since I last posted, I’m confident there are two people still reading. You’re probably friends of mine and know what’s going on anyways. If you’re still here, thanks for reading. I have hopes and plans for this little corner of the interweb. It might look a little bit different than it used to. But, it will still just be tales from the life of Rachel O.


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