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January 2012



Resolution Idea

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It seems like the main resolution I hear people talk about year after year is to be healthier. Am I right? Is that yours? Whether that’s eating better, exercising, eating more or less of something, doing more or less of something… I think that’s a great thing to do, any time of the year. Four years ago, we made this leap by joining Abundant Harvest Organics. Hundreds of pounds of organic produce later, we feel good about what we’re eating. It’s healthier, yet still tastes great!

If this is something that’s been on your mind lately, Abundant Harvest Organics is a great place to start being a healthier you. You can begin with a small box, and work your way up to a large one. You can set your vacation weeks so that you get a box every other week, if you think you won’t be able to use it all in 7 days. Or, you can jump right in and get a large box every week! To help you out with dinner ideas, I post a menu that features the contents from the current AHO box here on my blog. It’s free, and can be used by anyone, not just AHO subscribers. Have a look, try some of the recipes, or peruse through the contents of the blog, I’m sure you will find many ways to healthy up your eating habits. And of course, you can cook along with me as you watch This Week’s Feast!

Whether you’re a long-time subscriber like me, or you’re new to AHO, I’d love to hear how it’s going, what you’re enjoying, what recipes you’d like to see, if you’re using the menus, watching the episodes, what your favorite add-ons are…etc. If you’re not an AHO subscriber, I hope you’re still enjoying the menus and episodes! Is there anything that you would like to see on here?

I’ve got some fun ideas in store for the new year. I look forward to sharing them with you!

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