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August 2013



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BroccoliPlumI’m reading a book called Salt Sugar Fat, by Michael Moss. It’s got me thinking, really noticing the things that are called food that are on the shelves at the grocery store. When I went shopping the other day, it was kinda depressing to see all the pre-packaged, sugar filled/chemically laden/artificially colored and sweetened/GMO foods. Don’t we realize what we’re eating?! It’s not food. Not real food anyways.

I need to stop for a second. I want to say that I will still occasionally eat Doritos, order pizza, and have a pre-made, sugar filled treat. My frustration is that this stuff is taking over the shelves and has been made into the norm.


Empty calories are simply empty. When did it become less beneficial to eat fruits and vegetables that contain the vitamins and minerals that pre-made and packaged foods are fortified to include. When did convenience become the only thing that was good for us… When did we forget that we know better?

Do we really not understand why we’re so unhealthy? Has the lightbulb above our collective heads just burned out completely? Look at what we’re putting into our bodies. We can’t be surprised by the results.

Or are we? Are we so sold out to the big food corporations that we’ve forgotten what real food tastes like? Have we adjusted our taste buds so that they crave only sugar and salt infused pre-packaged items? Have we forgotten what food actually is?

My challenge is to make this our norm: Fresh, local, organic, and in season fruits and vegetables; pastured, organic meats; whole milks and cheeses, the best olive oil, eggs with bright orange-yellow yolks… Sure, we will eat a pre-packaged salty or sweet treat, if we need it, once in a while. We definitely consumed our share while we were on vacation a few weeks ago. But, the goal is to eat real food, real food, REAL FOOD.

Doesn’t that sound delicious?



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