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January 2012



My Oma

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I may not post a recipe today. I hope you don’t mind. My heart is elsewhere right now.

Making Zwieback with Oma, Jill and Abby.

My Oma was an amazing woman. I don’t have a single bad memory of her. We saw her often, growing up. She woke early every morning to prepare breakfast, and would be waiting when we came upstairs, so she could give us a hug. She was always so happy to see us. I will never forget her voice as she said, “Oh! Hi Rachel. Did you sleep well?” (If you knew her, you might hear her sweet voice in your mind.) She made the best oatmeal… she made the best everything. She was the best Oma I could have ever asked for.

Oma was beautiful, loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, full of goodness, faithful, gentle, controlled, strong, courageous, compassionate. She was a woman of faith and love. Oh and when she laughed! What a sound. She was the kind of woman I hope to be.

She died this morning. I miss her terribly.

Today, I will cherish the memories. They are many, they are all wonderful.

Oma and Opa. A few months before he passed away.

Life will never be the same without her.

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