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October 2012



Entering Year 7

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Hello friends. Welp, today marks day one of our 7th year of marriage. Yesterday, we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. I love being married. I love sharing my life with my husband. He’s the best husband I could have ever asked for. He loves me, weird, anxious, awkwardness and all, and still thinks I’m pretty after all this time.

I went through our wedding photos yesterday (taken by the amazing Andrew and Lisa at Shinn Photography). I’m so glad we have them as a way to remember our day. It was the best day. The best day ever. Our wedding was pretty simple. We had a dessert reception in a beautiful garden. We got married at a little church near where Husband grew up. My dress was strapless and had a little bit lace (my favorite part), and I loved it. I’m still trying to think of something I could wear it to again (the thought has crossed my mind to have it dyed and altered so I actually could). My bridesmaids wore black tea length dresses (that I picked partly so they could hopefully wear them again, partly because I found them all in the right sizes on sale). We had bright pink roses. But, beyond that, when it came to our actual wedding day, yes all the work was worth it, but I was just so excited to be married!

When we were dating, we had a long distance relationship. We met at my cousin’s wedding, in California, where Husband lived. I lived in Texas. We started dating over the phone, we saw each other in person for about a total of 6 weeks before we got engaged. We emailed and called each other every day. I moved in with my aunt and uncle when I moved to California, and we lived in the same state for about 7 weeks before the wedding. When the wedding day came around, we were so ready to not say goodbye anymore.

I think as a result of the long distance dating, we have a slightly different relationship than we might have otherwise had. Not better, not worse, just different. We had to get to know one another differently. You can only spend so much time in silence on the phone. So we talked a lot. We really knew a lot about each other after a short time. And, we knew really quickly that this was right, that we were meant for each other. We spend a lot of time together, even after 6 years. He’s my favorite person to be around. If I could go anywhere with anyone, it would be him. He’s the person I’m most excited to tell good news to, and the shoulder I want to cry on when it’s bad. He’s my best friend and the one whom my soul loves.


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