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October 2013




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You may have noticed that things look a little bit different around here. My wonderful, lovely, dear friend, Joanna, of Waterfall Creative, has taken the old look and turned it into something wonderful, fresh, and new. I’m thrilled with the results. I knew I would be. Jo designed my logo and my business cards and even if she hadn’t, I’ve seen her work, this lady is seriously talented.

I’m glad you’re here. Have a look around.

But wait, there’s more.

It has been a busy few months for me. Not only have I been helping with the blog re-design (and by helping I mean giving Joanna artistic freedom and just passing on the info that needs to stay), I’ve started doing a new show. This Week’s Feast ended at the beginning of August. It was kinda sad, but also a good thing. It opened up new opportunities to work with Abundant Harvest Organics as a content provider, and freed up time to work on a show with a company called

The new show, In the Kitchen with Rachel O, is the same general format as This Week’s Feast: quick, fun, teaching you to make something yummy. It’s in the same tiny apartment kitchen, same little Ikea island serving as the stage, same Rachel O. They will air on, but I will post the episodes on here too, along with a little post. I have the first one scheduled for this Friday. Until then, there are plenty of past episodes to catch up on on the Cooking Show page.

Is that all? It feels like there’s more… Oh ya, I’ve planned to start a new series on my blog called Farm to Dinner Party Table. So far it’s a series of one (and that post will be up in a few weeks). Hopefully that will change, but it might not be until the new year. Because we’re outta here pretty soon… finally finally finally we are going to Paris!!

So, there it is (said with a breath, a small sigh, and a prayer that I don’t drop from exhaustion as soon as we sit down on the plane).


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