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November 2011



A Family Thing

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My mom is a great cook. Even though I wasn’t super interested in cooking as a child, I’m sure a lot of my love for all things food is inherited from her. I’m so thankful for her. I think of her all the time and laugh to myself as I find myself doing or enjoying things she and Dad did (and probably still do) that I might have thought weird as a kid. I see it in so many ways, especially as I get older… I am my mother’s daughter.

I asked my Mom if she would do a guest post with an Apple Bavarian Torte she made when we were in town for Oma’s birthday. She kindly obliged.

So, without further ado, here’s my Mom:

Let me introduce myself: I’m Rachel’s mom, up in the cold, soon-to-be-white, north – Canada.  I think I always enjoyed helping in the kitchen (the cooking part – definitely not the clean-up) while growing up in California.  Education-wise, I took a class in cake decorating at the local community college.  This was the only course outside of my major of music that I had room for in my 2 years at Reedley College.  Our children sometimes think it ridiculous that I got college credits for a class like that.  But, they did think it was neat that they had specially decorated cakes for their birthdays.  I’m sure that this was one of the steps to my becoming a creative cook.  I don’t decorate many cakes anymore, all that icing is just too sweet for me and most of my guests, but sometimes I use silk flowers to top off a special cake.

I’ve been cooking more officially since my first real job here in Canada almost 35 years ago, where I worked part-time as a house-parent at a group home for delinquent teenage boys.  There were many things I was supposed to do while working there, but by far my favourite (that’s the correct Canadian spelling) was cooking for the group of about 10 big eaters.

Now, husband, John and I own RiverSong Banquet Hall just outside St. Jacobs Ontario, where I do most of the cooking for the guests at our banquet hall.

We have apples readily available in our area, so I always have lots on hand.  My favourite fall dessert this year is APPLE BAVARIAN TORTE.  The original recipe came from, and I have adapted it to suit my tastes. Â  You can omit the apples and top with thickened fruit, such as raspberries or cherries. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do.

Susan Pries at RiverSong Banquet Hall

Apple Bavarian Torte

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pie or torte pan 9’ round 2  9” rounds 6  9” rounds
64 sq “ 128 sq “ 384 sq “
servings 10 – 12servings 20 – 24servings 60 – 72servings
Butter ½ cup 1 cup 3 cups
Sugar 1/3 cup 2/3 cup 2 cups
Vanilla ¼ tsp ½ tsp 1 ½Â tsp
Flour 1 cup 2 cups 6 cups
Press mixture into pan
Combine in blender:
Eggs 2 large 4 lg 12 lg
Cottage or Cream Cheese 8 oz 16 oz 48 oz
White Sugar or Honey 1/3 cup 2/3 cup 2 cups
Dry Milk Solids ¼ cup ½ cup 1 ½Â cups
Lemon Juice 1 – 2  Tbl 2 – 4 Tbl 6 – 12 Tbl
Vanilla 2 tsp 4 tsp 4 Tbl
Pour over crust
Peel, core, slice & arrange in a circle over filling:
Apples 5 med 10 med 30 med
Mix and sprinkle over apples:
White sugar 1/3 cup 2/3 cup 2 cups
Cinnamon ½ tsp 1 tsp 1 Tbl
Bake at 375‘ 25-35 minutes
Serve warm or at room temperature

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