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February 2012



Substitution = Delicious!

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Ever have a recipe that you’re so excited to make, only to discover that you’re missing some of the ingredients? What do you do? Run to the store? make something else altogether? How about substituting for something else that you might already have?!

I realize this takes some thinking, and it’s a bit of an art, sometimes a science (especially when it comes to baking – make sure you know what you’re doing here – do some research, since baking is about reactions and sciency things). But, one thing I am good at is substituting and paring foods. So I’ll share a few things I’ve discovered.

IF YOU DON’T HAVE TRY (and vice versa)
Cheddar Cheese Gruyère, Monterey Jack
Bacon Grease Smoked Paprika + Olive Oil
Chili Powder Smoked Paprika
Ground Beef Ground chicken/turkey
Pinto Beans Cannellini Beans
Lemon Orange
Onion Leek
Broccoli Cauliflower
Bacon Ham
Pork Chicken
Kidney Beans Black Beans
Bread Crumbs Pulse heel of bread in food processor
Sour Cream Yogurt
Pepperoni Salami
Truffles (not chocolate) Mushrooms
Blackberries Raspberries
Apple Pear
Radicchio Cabbage
Honey Maple Syrup
Kale Spinach
Carrot Parsnip
Butternut Squash Sweet Potato/Yam
Buttermilk 1 T White Vinegar or Lemon Juice and fill to 1 C with Milk
Greek Yogurt Regular Plain Yogurt
Potato Turnip
Pumpkin Sweet Potato/Yam

The point is to learn that you don’t have to be restricted by a recipe. It’s great to be able to run to the store. But it’s fun (and practical) to make use of the things we already have and to be creative with them. The recipe will not be exactly the same. But, you will have made it uniquely yours, with your twists!

On a slightly different note, I really enjoy doing this – figuring things out when it comes to  food. If you have a substitution question, or a food related question, I’ve introduced a new page to the blog called, “Ask Rachel” where I’ll do what I can to help with food-related quandaries. So, ask away! Happy Cooking!


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