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December 2012



Still Need That Perfect Gift?

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I don’t really like to get a gift for someone if it’s not perfect. I’m not a “just get something” gifter. I don’t want to waste our money on something that someone’s just going to throw away, donate, or re-gift. What’s the point?! But, sometimes it’s difficult to find the right gift. So, I’m here to help, with your food-loving giftees anyways. For everyone else… sorry, you’re on your own.

Here are some gifts I think are wonderful! Some are things I’ve received, some I’ve given, some I’ve bought for myself.

Bari Extra Virgin Olive Oil – The best olive oil I’ve ever tasted. Seriously good stuff that’s made in California by some super friendly people.

Joy the Baker’s CookbookJoy is not only sweet, genuine, generous, and kind, but she’s a great cook! Everything I’ve made from her cookbook (and blog for that matter) has been wonderful!

The Flavor Bible – My go-to resource when I’m not sure if flavors will go well together, or to get new ideas and inspiration for my menu planning. I use it most weeks as I plan and create new recipes.

KitchenAid Hand Blender – An essential tool, in my opinion, for every cook’s kitchen. It makes blending soups a cinch, and smoothies a breeze.

Abundant Harvest Organics – We’d been subscribers to AHO for 4 years before I started working with them on This Week’s Feast. Even if I wasn’t working with them, I’d be telling you about their wonderful organic produce. If you’re a subscriber, you can buy a gift box to give to a friend. If you’re not a subscriber already, it’s easy to become one.

Cast Iron Skillet – I use my cast iron pans, I’d say, at least once a day, sometimes more. They’re simply the best (in my opinion). Most of mine have been purchased from yard sales and thrift stores. I’ve cleaned them carefully and then re-seasoned them. But, if you can’t find them there, your favorite kitchen supply store should have them, and so might Craigslist and Amazon.

Sur la Table or Williams Sonoma Gift Cards – Husband has no trouble picking things out for me from these stores. But, if he ever did, I’d be happy with a gift card. The only trouble then is there are so many things to choose from!

Bodem French Press – I use this every morning for my coffee. I love it so much that we got rid of our coffee maker and bought a second, larger French Press. I think that coffee made this way tastes the best!

Knives – I’m not an expert on knives. I won’t even suggest a brand to get. But, every cook needs a good set of knives (and if you’re getting knives, how about a sharpening stone too!?). They’re an essential part of my kitchen.

And last, but certainly not least, if you want to get something super special for the cook that you love, how about a KitchenAid Stand Mixer!? I was recently given one by a friend, and oh my, oh boy do I love it!

Look how easy I made this for you! You have 14 days left… Happy Shopping!

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