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July 2012



Something New for the All-Star Game

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I want to make Nachos for tomorrow, because to me Nachos go perfectly with baseball. And, tomorrow is the All-Star game, so it’s a perfect opportunity/excuse to eat them for dinner.

I don’t have any ground beef, so I’m going to try something my brother told me about. I bought some Tempeh the other day. I was going to use it in a Stir Fry. I’m still planning to. But, I’m also planning to use it like he suggested, like I would use ground beef… in NACHOS!!

Tempeh, I’m learning, is made from soybeans, rice, barley, and millet. It’s vegan. It’s full of protein. I’ve eaten it once before, but have never cooked it on my own. I’m excited.

For anyone who isn’t crazy about meatless nachos, feel free to use ground beef, turkey, or chicken in the recipe that will be posted on Wednesday (as a part of this week’s episode of A Cooking Show with Rachel O). 🙂

Happy eating! Happy All-Star Game!


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