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July 2013



I’m Bored!

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GelatoRSI remember it well. School’s out, it’s hot, it’s summer. Time seems to stretch into forever. So much playing to do, ice cream and popsicles to be eaten, sprinklers to be run through. And then, about two weeks in, it hits… the boredom. I remember saying, “Mom, I’m bored. What can I do?” She’d give suggestions that I’m sure were great. I don’t know what I was looking for. But you know when you get so bored that nothing sounds fun? Yeah. Nothing.

So, in an effort to help any parents out there who are at their wits end trying to find activities for their kids this summer, here’s my suggestion: Let them cook!

Along the way they will learn things like fractions (dividing the cookie recipe in half because we don’t need to eat 2 dozen cookies all by ourselves… wait, right?!), cleaning up after themselves, art (plate presentation), safe food handling (why we wash our hands after handling raw meat), problem solving (we have no eggs and have already started to make omeletes – what could we make with the partially sautéed veggies instead?), planning ahead (we might check to see if we have eggs before sautéing the veggies for an omelet)… Rather than just seeing you do things, they may understand better if they do them themselves. They may also be more interested in eating what’s for dinner if they’ve helped to prepare it.

Maybe you are already doing this. I applaud you if you are. And if you aren’t, no judgement here, just an idea for something fun to do together to fill the long summer days with great memories that you can both treasure.

I’ve been told that kids love to watch “that silly Rachel O“. You could take a small break and watch an episode together (they’re around 4 minutes each) and then cook what was made. The recipe is on the blog post below the episode and can be printed or viewed on a tablet.

What fun this summer could be!!

Happy Cooking!!

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