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January 2013



China is for Weekdays

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When Husband and I got married, we didn’t register for any fine china. We got regular everyday dishes. They’re fine. I’m happy with what we chose. But, as our grandparents have passed away and we’re inherited some of their treasures, more and more do I want those cups, dishes, pitchers… to be used regularly.


The arguments one could pose against might be that things could become less special if used all the time. They are also statistically more likely to break. But, my arguments for would be that many of these items hold cherished memories of times past or of loved ones who passed them on, or of the special trip we took where we got that tea cup… I don’t care if some things don’t stay in pristine condition. Each scratch, scrape, crack, and chip probably has a story behind it. Those are the words that make up a lifetime.

So bring out the china, the silver, and the crystal. I’m using it at my house!

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