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November 2013



#TimAndRachGoToParis2013 – Bon Voyage

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There is a city that Tim and I have been wanting to visit together for as long as we’ve been married. There are actually a few, but one in particular that has held a special place in our hearts: Belle Paris.

I remember dreaming about it when we were first married, living in our tiny bungalow (ahem, which was definitely larger than our current home…). We had an old blue jar with a label that read “Paris”. We would put a few dollars in every once in a while, intending to store away enough to take this trip.

Seven years later, it’s time.

We are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary (a few weeks late). Celebrating life together. Celebrating our love of food.

How we have waited and waited…

We’re excited for croissants, for the markets, and the Fromagerie where they will help us choose a cheese to go with our bread and wine. I’m anxious to try out my rusty French… I had 12 years of French classes. I hope I remember something more than bonjour and je veux une baguette s’il vous plaît (although I just checked my grammar in a translate app and it said that I wrote, “I want a wand please”… um…)! I haven’t taken a French class in 14 years. This could be interesting!

With that, we will give the keys to the house sitter and bid the dog adieu…

On y va… Au revoir!

(Now that we’re back, parts one, twothree, and four of our #TimAndRachGoToParis2013 adventures.)

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