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November 2015



Rachel Reviews – iDevices Kitchen Thermometer Mini

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I was told, when asked by iDevices to showcase a Kitchen Thermometer mini, that it is “the perfect kitchen companion as it allows you to set the desired temperature and focus on other things”. So true. But, I was so fascinated by being able to watch the temperature of the chicken that I roasted, as it rose steadily, that I kinda just stood there staring at my phone. Maybe after I’ve used it a few times the novelty will wear off.


I use a thermometer in the kitchen all the time. I use it to check the internal temperature of bread, of re-heating leftovers, and roasting meat. I rely on it for yogurt making and other precision cooking. It is an essential kitchen tool. If I had to go down to a bare essentials kitchen, I’d be ok as long as I had a cast iron skillet, a sharp knife, The Flavor Bible, and a kitchen thermometer.  

 I’m always a little bit wary when it comes to raw meat in the kitchen. But, the iDevices thermometer takes all of the guesswork out of the cooking process. No more “cook until the juices run clear”. Just set to a safe temperature (using the preset options or set your own) and you’re good to go. The probe indicator changes color as it gets closer to the desired temp. So even if you’re not watching the app, with a quick glance you can see if your food is close to being done. It’s magnetized, so it can be out of the way, but close enough to see. When the food comes to between 5-20 degrees away from being done (you can set it to your preference) there’s an alert. This gives you plenty of time to finish up the rest of the meal so everything will be ready at the same time. There’s another alert when the food is to the desired temperature. You could set it to the bell alert and use that to call the family to dinner. 

I’m happy with this thermometer and can’t wait to use it again. I plan to try it on bread as it bakes and will definitely have it on hand while we cook thanksgiving dinner. 

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