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November 2011



A Fall Makeover

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I’ve been working diligently at this little business of mine. And I’m enjoying the process. Even though I’ve been at it for almost a year, I feel like I’m just starting out. I’m figuring out the direction I want to head, my concept, my goals… and many more things, but you don’t need all of my “to dos” listed out here. We’d be here for a long time (not a complaint – I LOVE my job!).

One thing that I’m happy to have checked off my list is my logo. Eeeek – I’m so excited to show you what Joanna from Waterfall Creative has designed for me. Â She asked a few questions about my taste and style, and took the little that I gave her and combined it with her creative genius and made it into five amazing logos. Five! And I had to choose just one. I figured it would have been confusing to have all of them for my one business. Right? Ya. Thought so. Anyways, while they were all wonderful, I chose the one that I think best represents who I am. I love it. Thanks, Joanna!!

I happily present to you, the New Look (I almost typed New Year, hee hee)!


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